Know your zones for VRT workshop

When: Tuesday 7 March 2023 
Time: 8.30am for 9am start 
Where: Cambrai Sportsground



The precision agriculture journey starts at this Variable Rate Technology (VRT) farmer workshop!

This workshop is an introduction to VRT and how to get it started on your farm. Regardless of whether you have the systems and machinery already, or just want to know more about what’s involved, this workshop caters for all levels of knowledge and experience.

Led by technical experts Sean Mason and Peter Treloar, participants will experience an interactive and hands-on session tailored to their individual situations. Learn more about:

  • Creating and using data layers
  • Understanding how to generate soil zones within paddocks
  • Deciding on variable rate fertiliser application
  • Gaining the confidence to use prescription maps in machinery

This is an opportunity to use your own data, or work in a small group with example data to learn. Both Sean and Peter are happy to work with participants after the workshop if further guidance is needed on set-up, what steps to take and appropriate systems for machinery.

The workshop is funded by the SA Drought Hub and organised by Mallee Sustainable Farming for Murray Plains Farmers.

Find out more on the MSF website